…the cost of prevention is less than a cure

Paradigm® Security Consultancy provides high quality Data Recovery, Digital Forensics, Information Security, IT and Business services. Based in the North East we serve organisations of all sizes throughout the UK and Europe.

We won’t preach policy, procedure and processes to you. We’ll work with you to find out where you want to get to and we’ll advise you how best to get there, identifying any potential risks, and helping you navigate them along the way.

Initial advice provided free-of-charge at the start of any consultation enables you to determine the most appropriate direction and also establish any limitations, so please do not hesitate to contact us. Every case is handled in strictest confidence during our investigation.

Our USP is our flexible business model and constant strive for excellent customer service, allowing us to adapt to your specific needs, your way of working & your overall objectives, and get the job done as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Call us on 0191 645 1024 for a no obligation chat and see how we can help.