Case Study: Data recovery

Paradigm Security Consultancy was contacted by a large public sector organisation following an employee inadvertently formatting a hard disk drive on a standalone system. This system was in the process of being replaced, however data had not been fully migrated and backed up prior to this unfortunate incident.

Following consultation and instruction from the client we carried out an initial search to identify the required data was still on the disk and recoverable. To save the client time and money we recovered only the data required by the client in order for them to proceed with their migration.

This process was completed successfully whilst ensuring the client was kept up to date at all times. This enabled the client to avoid costly expenses in resources, finance and time by avoiding a system rebuild and incur additional costs from a third party migrating the bespoke system.

Once the work was completed we also worked with the client to develop business continuity measures to reduce the likelihood of another similar incident occurring on other standalone systems.

Actual cost to the client – Under £1,000

Maximum potential cost – £8,500

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