Case Study: Suspected data breach

Paradigm was contacted, out of hours, by an organisation with 500+ employees to investigate a laptop containing highly sensitive data that had been stolen and subsequently recovered.

The implications of the data being compromised were huge to the organisation. The business would have suffered from significant adverse media attention, customers would need to be informed and they were obliged to inform at least two regulators. The overall cost and impact would have resulted in large fines and damages amounting to £500,000 and beyond.

The organisation implemented their forensic readiness plan and instructed Paradigm to undertake an investigation of the recovered laptop. As a result of our investigation we were able to demonstrate that the data had not been compromised and the organisation was able to report this to their regulators.

Final result

The investigation was concluded within 48 hours, reports provided swiftly to the regulators demonstrating corporate governance and effective response on behalf of the client and that all reasonable steps to prevent the incident occurring, identifying the incident and subsequent actions had been taken and deemed more than adequate, and there was no requirement to notify third parties as no data was accessed, duplicated or lost. The regulators were satisfied that the organisation reacted appropriately and diligently, therefore fines were reduced significantly.

Actual cost to the client – under £4,000
Maximum cost potential – £500,000 +

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