Save my USB

…starting from £49.99 | No Data – No Fee

Portable storage increasingly used in everyday life can be vulnerable to knocks, drops and excessive force which can result in a sudden and unknown malfunction.

Portable storage devices such as USB memory sticks, digital cameras and smart phone memory cards are often one of the last things people remember to backup because they are a temporary storage solution from point A to B.

But what happens if whilst transporting from point A to B you see the dreaded error message of ‘Device not recognised‘, ‘Format USB Device?‘, ‘Delayed write failed‘ or your digital device is simply not recognised by the PC or laptop and fails to show in ‘My Computer’ for no obvious reason.

Paradigm Security Consultancy provides rapid portable storage data recovery service (Save my USB) for all USB portable devices to enable you to get back on track as quickly as possible and meet that all important deadline.

We make every attempt to recover your data from the storage device depending on the size of the data to be recovered. We can then discuss the options to prioritise and get your important files back to you as soon as they are recovered.

Whatever method is agreed with you, your data will be encrypted while in transit. We advise you of the password to access your data on receiving it.

In the event we are unable to recover the data from your USB portable storage device we will simply return the device to you on a no fix-no fee basis.

Please view our Data Recovery page for full details of our Data Recovery process.

Simply contact us to see how we can help.