Data Encryption

…security by obscurity

Portable storage devices such as USB memory sticks, memory cards and hard disk drives are often a temporary storage solution between point A and B. What if the device is lost or stolen whilst in transit? Fantastic if you backed it up and it is within easy reach. What do you do about any sensitive data that was on the lost device? For example, you’re transporting a copy of your CV to show a prospective employer or a business proposal or finance figures to a colleague or consultant.

Paradigm provide portable USB data encryption solutions that keep you, your data, your organisation and its reputation secure with minimal fuss and disruption for those individuals who genuinely need to access the data.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) can impose fines up to £500,000 for organisations that fail to safeguard the handling of sensitive customer data. Encrypting your portable storage device means that even if data was lost in transit it would be extremely hard to access. Encryption is a reasonable precaution expected by regulators, so why run the risk of losing an unencrypted portable device?

You do not need to have software pre-installed on the machine because a simple ‘access-anywhere’ approach can help transport your data and more importantly give you peace of mind that only authorised personnel can access it.

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