The process of footprinting is the first step in information gathering by hackers. To perform or thwart a successful attack, one needs to gather information. The hacker’s intention is to learn about all aspects of the prospective organisation’s security posture, online profile, remote access capabilities, and intranet/extranet presence.

Paradigm Security Consultancy provides footprinting services to help organisations identify and remedy their online persona. Our footprinting services go beyond the simple Google search you might carry occasionally. By footprinting your organisation we can help you identify areas of risk that may affect your employees, your organisations reputation, assets and intellectual property as well as your customer base.

For example, when uploading a document to your website to enable your visitors to download your service portfolio from your website, is that all you’re allowing them to download?

By simply uploading a word or PDF file to your website or sending it as an email attachment you could inadvertently also be providing outsiders with unnecessary information about the internal workings of your organisation. These include the structure of employee usernames, out of date software application versions missing critical security updates and your enterprise network infrastructure.

Our footprinting services can help identify:

  • Social media presence – Identification and reporting
  • Metadata identification & analysis
  • Network enumeration
  • Network Reconnaissance
  • DNS interrogation
  • Remedial services and solutions

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