Social Engineering

…stay secured, stay assured

Paradigm experts attempt, on your behalf, to manipulate an organisation’s employees to gain unauthorised access to confidential information. This tests the current security posture of the organisation and their employee’s adherence to your Information Security Policy. By performing this test, we can identify failure points and highlight training requirements for staff to prevent an actual breach. Paradigm techniques can be performed onsite or remotely.

During an onsite assessment, Paradigm Security Consultants will use various techniques to gain physical access to obtain records, files, and/or equipment that may contain confidential information.

Our onsite and remote engagement techniques test for the following vulnerabilities:

  • Proper Disposal of Sensitive Data
  • Privacy Policy Awareness and Implementation
  • Institution Policy Adherence
  • Violation Reporting
  • Privacy Filtering
  • Access Privileges
  • Sensitive Area Security
  • Device or System Compromise
  • Technical Preventive and Detective Controls

The remote Social Engineering engagement involves the manipulation of an organisation by telephone or email in an attempt to get employees to divulge usernames, passwords, customer NPPI (Non-Public Personal Information) or other confidential information.

Our remote engagement techniques typically include:

  • Pretext Calling
  • Phishing

In order to protect your organisation, it’s assets, data and customers any successful attempts in testing will be treated in strictest confidence and discussed with the management team who authorised (a signed letter or confirmation email will be required prior to engagement) Paradigm to undertake the assessment within the organisation.

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