IT Security

In today’s world many crimes can be committed on computer devices and networks which may affect a business. This can range from industrial espionage to simply taking company devices down in order to inflict loss of earnings through downtime. Paradigm® consultants are capable of securing your IT infrastructure to ensure that risks of such attacks are identified and mitigated against.

Paradigm® provides IT Security Consultancy services specialising in areas of breach and incident investigations, non-compliance and the implementation of effective security procedures. We are also capable of reviewing an organisation’s security procedures and working with them to implement security procedures if they do not exist already.

We understand that security is important but so is the functionality of a company’s systems, both human and electronic. A balance is required between the two to manage risks and allow staff to work effectively whilst retaining a high level of security and awareness in the company.

This is something that many general and IT security companies overlook. Our aim is to implement realistic, effective security processes and measures to help you manage and prioritise risks within your organisation as well as maintaining the effectiveness of your workforce.

We recognise that locking away your assets is not the answer because that can hinder staff authorised to access them.

Paradigm® specialise in policy and procedural risk assessment, internal auditing, effective use of static and mobile encryption and averting social engineering techniques – the human factor.

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