Wireless Network Security

Wireless networks by their design are an ideal entry point into systems for any potential attacker and can be difficult to control, monitor and safeguard from unauthorised intrusion. Paradigm offer a range of Wireless Network Security services for organisations to maintain security and availability of the wireless network.

We can work with your organisation at any stage of your wireless networks lifecycle, whether that be at the start of a wireless network implementation, ensuring wireless security best practice with the balance of ease of use is implemented and appropriately tested or as part of an infrastructure life-cycle review in identifying risk both before, during and after an incident in order to reduce the risk of an occurrence.

Our wireless network penetration test combines the latest attack techniques exposing vulnerabilities on or beyond your wireless network.

Apart from direct attacks on your wireless infrastructure we check your wireless footprint to ensure that no “rogue Access Point’s” exist. Attacks such as these and other more advanced techniques allow an attacker almost unfettered access to your network.

Our Wireless Network Security services include:

  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Security Hardening
  • Network Monitoring
  • Detection of Rogue Devices
  • Network Perimeter Assessment

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